Sweetener Market Share

The graph below shows the total global market share for all sweeteners. For comparison the data is in tonnes of sugar, or the equivalent sweetness. So if saccharin is 300 times as sweet as sugar, then a world output of 25,000 tonnes equates to 7.4 million tonnes sugar equivalent, and this is what is represented in the data. Much is based on years 2012 and 2013, however it gives a good indication of current situation.

Total Global Sweetener Market Share

There is no exact data, but several reliable sources have been used, the references are listed below. Sugar, both cane and beet, is by far the greatest sweetener used by volume, the intense sweeteners come next followed by high fructose corn syrup. The sugar alcohols like sorbitol only account for about 1% of the total market.

Sweetener Tonnes Eq. per Annum
Sugar 154.9 Million
Intense Sweeteners 18.25 Million
HFC Syrup 13.7 Million
Sugar Alcohols 1.24 Million
Honey 1.2 Million


Intense Sweetener Market Share

The above graph shows the output in tonnes equivalent. (Sweetness equivalent to sugar). Saccharin is still huge in the far east including China and India. Cyclamate is banned in the US but is popular in other countries.

Sweetener Tonnes Eq. per Annum
Saccharin 7.4 Million
Aspartame 4.3 Million
Sucralose 1.7 Million
Cyclamate 1.6 Million
Acesulfame K 1.2 Million
Stevia 0.9 Million
Glycyrrhizin 0.4 Million
Neotame 0.25 Million
Luo Han Guo 0.1 Million

Other Sweeteners Market Share

The sugar alcohols taken together represent only about 1% of the total market, barely more than honey. Sorbitol is the leader, being used in toothpaste and chewing gum.

Sweetener Tonnes Eq. per Annum
Honey 1.2 Million
Sorbitol 0.55 Million
Xylitol 0.2 Million
Mannitol 0.18 Million
Maltitol 0.16 Million
Erythritol 0.07 Million
Lactitol 0.05 Million
Isomalt 0.05 Million
Maple Syrup 0.03 Million

Sources:  alibaba.com



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