Sugar in Fast Food

We expect there to be a lot of sugar in fast food, and in this regard we won't be too disappointed. It is added, albeit in small quantities, to everything to sweeten it up. Even bread baps can contain sugar. Fast food isn't expected to be healthy, and as a treat now and again is probably okay. But a little information can be useful in guiding our choices. Fries, burgers etc are low in sugar. Sodas and sundaes are very high. No surprise here. But natural orange juice can be very high, as are pancakes with syrup.

Sugar in Fast Food in Teaspoons

Outlet Iten Serving Size Teaspoons / Serv.
Burger King Chicken Sandwich Sandwich 199g 1.5
Burger King Fish Sandwich Sandwich 220g 1.9
Burger King Fries Med 117g 0.2
Burger King Onion Rings Med 117g 1.6
Burger King Vanill Shake Med 397g 11.6
Burger King Whopper One 316g 3.2
Dominos Pizza Classic 14'' 865g 8.7
Dominos Pizza Pepperoni Thin 14'' 563g 5.1
McDonalds Apple Pie One 77g 3.3
McDonalds Big Mac One 219g 2.2
McDonalds Cheeseburger One 119g 1.9
McDonalds Chicken McNuggets Six 95g 0.0
McDonalds Cola Child 12 fl oz 7.0
McDonalds Cola Med 21 fl oz 13.8
McDonalds Cola Large 30 fl oz 19.0
McDonalds FILET-O-FISH One Sandwich 1.2
McDonalds Frappe Caramel Small 12 fl oz 14.3
McDonalds Frappe Mocha Small 12 fl oz 14.3
McDonalds Fries Large 154g 0.1
McDonalds Hamburger One 219g 2.2
McDonalds Hash Brown One 53g 0.1
McDonalds Hotcakes & Syrup Serving 221g 11.4
McDonalds Hotcakes Plain 3 Cakes 149g 3.3
McDonalds Ketchup Packet One 9g 0.5
McDonalds McCafe Mocha Small 12 fl oz 10.5
McDonalds McFlurry with M&Ms Reg 384g 21.2
McDonalds Minute Maid Apple Juice 12 fl oz 9.5
McDonalds Minute Maid Orange Juice 12 fl oz 7.5
McDonalds Quarter Pounder One 171g 2.2
McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese One 199g 2.4
McDonalds Sauce (Barbecue) One Packet 28g 2.4
McDonalds Sauce (Hot Mustard) One Packet 28g 1.5
McDonalds Sauce (Sweet 'N Sour) One Packet 28g 2.5
McDonalds Sprite Child 12 fl oz 6.8
McDonalds Sprite Med 21 fl oz 13.5
McDonalds Sprite Large 30 fl oz 18.5
McDonalds Sundae (Hot Caramel) One 182g 10.7
McDonalds Sundae (Hot Fudge) One 179g 12.0
McDonalds Sundae (Strawberry) One 178g 11.3
Subway Cold Cut Sub 12'' Sub 391g 3.1
Subway Roast Beef Sub 12'' Sub 381g 2.9
Subway Tuna Sub 12'' Sub 474g 2.3
Taco Bell Bean Burrito One 185g 0.8
Taco Bell Nachos Serv 80g 0.4
Original Taco Nachos Taco 69g 0.2

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for food composition.

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