Sugar in Breakfast Cereals

There can be a surprising amount of sugar in breakfast cereals. After 8 to 12 hours without food our blood sugar is at it's lowest point first thing in the morning. A large intake of sugar, perhaps from cereal, and juice can spike our glucose level, and place a load on the metabolic system. It is a good idea to moderate sugar levels first thing in the morning. Juice is a very bad idea, even freshly squeezed. The list below shows that some cereals are low in sugar, Oats and Puffed Wheat being examples. Eggs are good for breakfast! Choose free range and organic if you can get them!

Most of the common brands are listed below.

Sugar in Teaspoons

Cereal Teaspoons / 100Gm Serving Size Teaspoons / Serv.
All Bran Kelloggs 3.9 Bowl 31gm 1.2
Alpen 5 Bowl 55gm 2.8
Cheerios Gen Mills 1.1 Bowl 28gm 0.3
Corn Chex Gen Mills 2.8 Bowl 31gm 0.9
Corn Flakes Kelloggs 2.4 Bowl 28gm 0.7
Corn Flakes Ralston 2.0 Bowl 28gm 0.6
Crunchy Nut Kelloggs 8.3 Bowl 30gm 2.5
Fiber One Gen Mills 0.0 Bowl 30gm 0.0
Frosties Kelloggs 8.9 Bowl 30gm 2.7
Fruit Loops Kelloggs 10.4 Bowl 29gm 3.0
Golden Crisp Post 13.4 Bowl 27gm 3.6
Golden Grahams Gen Mills 8.8 Bowl 31gm 2.7
Grape Nuts Post 2.2 Bowl 58gm 1.3
Instant Oatmeal Gen Mills 0.3 Bowl 41gm 0.1
Malt=O=Meal 0.0 Bowl 35gm 0.0
Oats 0.2 Cup 81gm 0.2
Puffed Rice Quaker 0.0 Bowl 15gm 0.0
Puffed Wheat Quaker 0.3 Bowl 15gm 0.1
Raisin Bran Kelloggs 7.8 Bowl 59gm 4.6
Rice Krispies Kelloggs 2.5 Bowl 33gm 0.8
Shredded Wheat Post 0.2 2 Biscuits 46gm 0.1
Special K Kelloggs 3.1 Bowl 31gm 0.9
Trix Gen Mills 8.0 Bowl 32gm 2.6
Weetabix 1.4 2 Biscuits 35gm 0.5
Wheaties Gen Mills 3.8 Bowl 27gm 1.0

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for food composition.

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