Rapadura is unprocessed cane sugar usually sold in a solid block.

As in the production of normal sugar the cane is crushed and the juice extracted. However this is not processed any further, it is simply dried and molded into solid blocks.It is commonly used in South America for cooking.

It mainly contains sucrose. It also has some of the nutrient, but none of the fiber from the plant. In this sense it is similar to cane juice.

Inexpensive and slightly better that pure sugar.

Just like sugar it causes tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity. Not suitable for diabetics. It contains the same calories as sugar.

It is made from crushed sugarcane and then dried.

Sold As:
A solid block or in granulated form.

Interesting facts:
It is probably the best type of cane sugar as it is the least processed. It contains the goodness of the molasses naturally found in the cane.

Does not require approval.

Conclusions and Summary:
It will do just as much harm to your health as ordinary sugar, but it is fine in moderation as long as you are not diabetic. The amount of nutrient is small and in this respect it is of little advantage over sugar.

Name Calories / Gram Sweetness Index Glycemic Index Calories / Spoon-Equiv
Rapadura 4 1 65 16

Taste: -------- Good
Aftertaste: ---- No
Concerns: ----- Yes

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