If you have comments or suggestions please submit them using the form below. Also if you find any mistakes or inaccuracies please let me know. I will take your comments on board immediately!

Your e-mail will not be given to any third parties, or indeed to anyone. I had a website a number of years ago and simply placed my e-mail address on the contact page. What a shock! Within no time my in box was filled with spam junk, and I had to change my e-mail address. Never again!!

Consequently I have had to use the form with the anti spam filter. It's a nuisance but necessary!

Hope you find this website useful, and perhaps different to most that are out there about sweeteners. My aim is to:

1. Provide useful information that can be found easily.
2. To be as accurate as possible, continually updating as new or better data becomes available.
3. To cover all the important topics about sweeteners in a fair and unbiased way.
4. To be as concise as possible - no waffle!
5. To listen to feedback and act accordingly. 
6. To correct any mistakes or inaccuracies asap! 


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