Cane Juice

Cane Juice is a liquid that is produced by crushing Sugar Cane.

It is a common drink in some countries where street vendors crush the cane to produce the product freshly for their customers. Flavors such as lemon and ginger are commonly added.

It mainly contains sucrose and water. It also has some of the nutrient, but none of the fibre from the plant. In this sense it is similar to fruit juice. Evaporated cane juice is simply a concentrated version, water having been removed.

Useful, in many parts of the world, as a thirst quenching drink. Can also be part of a raw food diet. However it contains too much water to be of any use as a sweetener in cooking.

Inexpensive and slightly better that pure sugar.

Just like sugar it causes tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity. Not suitable for diabetics. It contains slightly less calories that sugar, but only because it has more water. It also contains unbound fructose, unlike refined sugar.

It is made from crushed sugarcane.

Sold As:
Evaporated cane juice. Different grades and types are available, some darker and heavier.

Interesting facts:
May be considered as slightly healthier than sugar, but the difference is marginal. Manufacturers of fruit juice in the USA have been banned from describing products sweetened with cane juice as being 100% juice, it must be listed as sugar.

Does not require approval.

Conclusions and Summary:
It will probably do just as much harm to your health as ordinary sugar, but should be fine in moderation as long as you are not diabetic. The amount of nutrient is small and in this respect it is of little advantage over sugar. It is not produced in a factory and is not refined, so it probably has appeal as a more natural product.

Name Calories / Gram Sweetness Index Glycemic Index Calories / Spoon-Equiv
Cane Juice 4 1 43 16

Taste: -------- Good
Aftertaste: ---- No
Concerns: ----- Yes

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